Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How much does it cost to play laser tag?

A: One game of laser tag is $7.00 per person. Two games is $12.00 per person. Additional games that day are $6.00.

Question: How long are the games?

A: All games are 20 minute sessions. There are 3 games per hour, starting at the top of the hour. (e.g. 12:00, 12:20,12:40, 1:00, 1:20 etc.)

Question: Do I have to make a reservation?

A: No, however if you are bringing in a group, I recommend calling ahead and making a reservation. There is no charge for reservations. We do require the group to be signed in 10 minutes before game time. We make every attempt to have the games start on time. If the group is not signed up, we will sell the spots to the next person on line.

Question; Can my group play just by themselves?

A: Yes you can, if you want to pay the exclusive use of the arena price. The arena is 4,300 sq. ft., so you may spend time locating your opponent.

Question: So how does laser tag work?

A: Game sessions start every 20 minutes. The first 4 minutes is the briefing. Not everyone has played laser tag, so we give instructions every game. If you have played before, please bear with us as we explain the game and rules to the new players. Next players go into the vesting room and put on a vest. Each vest has a unique name. Remember it, that's the name on your score card. Then its into the arena for 14 minutes of laser tag. (any longer and the game gets boring and exhausting). When the game is over, put your vest on the rack and go to the front counter for your scorecard.

Question: What else is in the arena?

A: There are bases in the arena that players can tag during the game. To keep everyone on their toes, the bases' color changes every game. That means the front base may be green one game and blue the next game. Bases are 501 points. There are also lights all over the arena. They turn on and change colors randomly throughout the game. Just shoot them, don't worry about the points!


Question: Do you have party packages?

A: Yes, There is a flier on this web site with the packages and pricing. Parties typically are booked 6 weeks ahead.

Question: How many people can play laser tag at a time?

A: We can have 38 players in the arena every game.

Question; What else is there to do there?

A: We have the latest video games and a Rock Wall climber.